• Let Automation Do The Work Humans “Shouldn’t”

ServiceNow Upgrades: Let Automation Do The Work Humans “Shouldn’t”

Solana Beach, CA. | Mar 2nd 2020

Testing prior to upgrading your ServiceNow instance is important work but why punish your employees with the monotony of manual testing. DotWalk rewrites the rules when it comes to automating test definition and generation. DotWalk is unique in that all of this work is performed natively on your ServiceNow instance and is 100% complementary to ServiceNow’s Automated Test Framework (ATF).

DotWalk transforms the ease of testing prior to an upgrade by letting our AI do the work humans shouldn’t. Literally a single click of a button initiates the work to create a detailed test suite in ATF. The tests can run in DotWalk’s optional virtual browser, eliminating the need to keep an active window open on the desktop. Press a button, set it and forget it. Within 24 hours a test suite is written and living inside ATF ready to be run or edited.

Our customers love DotWalk for the time and money they save by using our automation software. We are confident in the value we provide. We can prove our value in less than 48 hours.

Contact us today and let DotWalk reduce the time it takes to upgrade your ServiceNow instance by 50%