AI-powered Automated Testing


AI-powered Automated Testing
AI-Powered Testing for ServiceNow

Bootstrap generates detailed automated tests from real usage patterns. Tests run in ServiceNow’s "Automated Testing Framework”, reducing the effort of testing ServiceNow upgrades, simplifying software release testing, and enabling nightly testing for development.

Seeing is believing
Immediate Benefits
  • Instantly Increase Test Coverage
    • AI generates tests from real usage patterns

    • Leverage simple UI to define areas of focus

  • Re-define Quality
    • Catch more bugs before they hit production

    • Enable engineers to spend more time solving harder problems

    • Achieve an unparalleled level of reliability and polish

  • Simplify Test Maintenance
    • Generate and re-generate tests in minutes

    • Test generation adapts to new usage patterns

    • Easily enhance tests for complicated use cases

  • Reduce Time to Upgrade ServiceNow
    • Generate and re-generate tests in minutes

    • Decrease upgrade testing cost through automation

    • Increase adoption of ServiceNow platform features

    • Stay current with platform security patches

How It Works
  • Generate tests with one click

    Bootstrap profiles your application by analyzing the data in the tables of your application.

    It generates data that defines user-role combinations; including the type and quantity of data they enter into each table in the application.

    To start, Bootstrap asks you to indicate which tables should be profiled.

  • Run tests

    After performing your upgrade tests run natively in ServiceNow's Automated Test Framework

    Each test case reflects implementation specifics and are determined by real usage patterns of your applications.

  • Review Results

    DotWalk Upgrade Report provides automatically triaged and summarized view of failures

    Tests are just ServiceNow ATF tests so all the powerful features of the platforms native test framework are available as well

  • Question: What coverage does Bootstrap provide?

    Answer: Bootstrap tests provide coverage for both client-side and server-side business logic in your ServiceNow applications including: Dictionary, Client Scripts, UI Scripts Security rules, Business Rules, Workflows, Assignment Rules and more.

  • Question: How long does it take to get results?

    Answer: Bootstrap is 100% automated. Unlike other automated testing solutions where you first have to write automated tests then you can run them as many times as you want, Bootstrap writes the tests for you. In a half hour Bootstrap can be installed and kicked-off in an instance of ServiceNow. The job to generate the tests can take as long as 24 hours to run but nothing is required while that is happening. From there you simply perform whatever change you are testing, run the tests (click of a button) and you have results!

  • Question: Can Bootstrap test net-new functionality?

    Answer: Yes and no. Bootstrap writes regression tests meant to tell you if existing functionality has broken. It cannot tell you if some new thing you're building is working to a design specification. Bootstrap tests assert current behavior. It can test a new thing your building though and tell you if there are errors in the code. It also allows you to deliver functionality with automated test coverage once complete without having to manually write the automated tests. These prevent regressions to the functionality in the future