Adding IP Access Control Exception

"For customers who have enabled ServiceNow's, IP Address Access Control module, Bootstrap requires a specific allow in order to be able to connect to the instance and generate and run tests. This is a guide on how to create an exception to these rules to grant Bootstrap access to your instance of ServiceNow. For help adding an exception, follow the steps below."

1. Navigate to IP Address Access Control

  • In the filter navigator type "ip address". You should see an application entitled "System Security". If its modules are not listed, click it to reveal them. Select the module named "IP Address Access Control". This should open up in the content frame revealing a list of rules managing IP access.

2. Add a New Entry

  • At the top of the content frame there should be a button labeled "New", click this button to create a new entry in the IP Address Access Control table.

3. Enter the Information for DotWalk

  • Now in the new entry for the IP Address Access Control Table set the type to "Allow" if it is not already. Set the direction to "Inbound". Set the range start and range end to "". Make sure it is marked as "Active" then press the submit button. This should create a new exception to allow Bootstrap to access your instance of ServiceNow.